A Brief History of the Shaggy Rug

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Shaggy rugs have been around for a while and there were some pretty outlandish designs produced back in the 60’s and 70’s. We offer a potted history of the origins of these classic rugs and look at the latest modern styles.

Elegant Carpet Rugs

Rugs are known to be the ultimate flooring design statement. As the mid 20thcentury experimented highly with beautiful patterns and vibrant designs, it is no surprise that current trends look back at it for inspiration. With a range of vintage rugs online you can easily pick out rugs that suit your budget as well as your fabulous taste.

Modern Rug Area

Retro and Vintage Rugs

Make a statement with colourful, retro rugs. Use the range of pretty patterns available that imitate the 60s and 70s style and add peace and harmony into your home. Who knows, maybe it may even help your children live together peacefully. The dramatic and unique look of your new rug is sure to impress guests and add personality to the home.

Staying true to the 60s and 70s fashion era; fantastic prints and patterns are bold and full of character and can easily bring a boring room to life. These vintage-style rugs also make great conversation starters! Their advantage isn’t only their design but also their modern way of being made. Durability and resilience in better fibre technology, which has developed from half a century ago, means it is not only certain to impress but is sure to hold its beautiful appearance for longer.

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Add the luscious texture of Balmoral shaggy rugs for a comfortable and contemporary finish in your home. They work particularly well in a bedroom, by your bed so that you can sink your feet into its soft and sensuous pile as you step out of your slumber. Find a range of simple shapes for an on-trend graphic style and add a finishing touch that shows personality as well as your modern taste.

Silky Shag Rug

Do you have smooth flooring in your home? Shaggy rugs are also a perfect and easy way to transform your place into a homey and welcoming living space. With so many patterns, vibrant colours, shapes and even textures to choose from, no wonder rugs represent so many things about an individual who has chosen it.

Our top tip is that a fashionable rug is a simple way of personalising a rented property and adding your own stamp into the home without spending a fortune.