Amazing Storage Solutions

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Across the home, there are always ways and means to clear the clutter and organise your storage space to create a cleaner home. Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or living area, the ability to find more room can be priceless. No space can be wasted in this day and age so it’s time to find some simple and effective ideas to get more from what you have.

Out with the old

Less clutter means more positive energy, if you believe in spirituality anyway. So, what is the best way to create space? Throw it out or sell it. Before you look for innovative cupboards and cabinets, get out with the old and de-clutter your home. Anything from paintings to your old entertainment collections can be sold online, while things like books and clothes can be taken to the charity shop.

You might be thinking that “selling my old consoles online” isn’t really what you want to be doing but with the new generation of Xbox and PlayStation due for release, it might be time to cash in now.

In with the new

With your clutter rehoused or in the bin, it’s time to find or purchase more room with storage solutions:

  • A classic option is a storage ottoman. Commonly it is a pouffe that is bought, these allow you more seating when entertaining or somewhere for your feet while housing books, papers or gadgets on the hollow inside.
  • Under the bed. Most beds will have at least some room underneath and you can buy boxes and drawers in varying sizes to house anything from blankets to shoes to toys to insurance documents. Keeping them out of sight but close enough to be in mind.
  • Vertical space. Whether it’s cabinets or bookcases, you can find space up your walls. Adding a stand alone cupboard to your bathroom, for example, allows for a spot to store toiletries and allowing more room in the area.
  • Hidden cupboards. Room tends to always be at a premium in the kitchen, and it is here that you often find hidden cupboards. From a spot for a spice rack to this floor-to-ceiling unit, you can fit a lot of baked beans in your kitchen, if you know where to put them! They also work brilliantly in your garage if you’re a handyman!
  • Doors. The backs of your doors have plenty of unused space. From jackets to shoes, there are a plethora of options for the back of your door. You just need some hooks to get you started.
  • Old furniture. If you’re thinking of throwing that old dresser out because it’s taking up too much room then consider getting rid of the drawers and using boxes to store things on the shelves!

Can you swing a cat?

Your room may now be tidier and clutter-free, meaning more space has opened up for the things you need. The trick is keeping your home this way after you’ve spent the time to clear stuff out. Let us know any of your amazing storage tips in the comment section!