Common Causes of Basement Flooding

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Your basement has a lot of purposes, but being a lake, pool, or pond because of flood is not one of them. As a homeowner, you need to understand the reason behind this in order to take care of it as soon as possible. Leaving it in its poor predicament will not only spell danger for your whole family, it will also rob you of your last dollar come repair time.

1. Defective Gutter System – Some people may think that there is no relation between the basement and gutter, but the reality is, the latter impacts that area greatly. The downspout may be positioned incorrectly affecting the basement, or in some cases, the gutter itself is filled with dirt, twigs, and the like, blocking the proper passage of water.

2. Leak On The Walls – A damaged wall will let the rain water in, especially when there is a strong downpour. Homeowners may not suspect this, making the damage greater. If you think the walls are the culprit, seek help from the professionals immediately because it will not only break your basement, it will also weaken the foundation of your house.

3. Problems With The Plumbing – Broken pipes, cracked fixtures, and other plumbing problems may create a pool-like flood on your basement. Leakage can easily be repaired using a sealant, but other issues should be checked by professional plumbers because it may need further repair, or even replacement.

4. Malfunction In The Drainage – A poor drainage that is installed incorrectly and was never maintained by its homeowners will inevitably suffer from breakdown. This will cause an overflow of contents which can affect your basement in the process.

5. Home Location – Sadly, one of the reasons why your basement is always flooded is because of your location. Your house may be constructed on a lower area of the estate like the bottom of a hill. However, you need not despair because this can be easily remedied with a pump.

Those are the most common reasons why your basement is always filled with water. Now that you know more about them, it is time to do something about it. Try to figure out which scenario you are dealing with. After you confirm your dilemma, just call on the experts and let them handle the rest.