Give Your Old Bathroom a Brand New Look!

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Empty nesters with newfound time on their hands, new homeowners of a fixer-upper and everyone in between who might want to inject new life into their tired old bathroom are too often daunted by the task. Either from a lack of money, or a misconception about what kind of effort and how much time it takes to change the look of a bathroom, they’ll give up before even getting started. However, there are a few workarounds for all of these perceived problems, which will help you get the bathroom that both fits your needs and matches your dreams.

Step One: Modern Feel and Functionality

To give your bathroom a modern touch, you should go ahead and deck the space with shiny new fixtures and some easy-to-procure fittings, like a mirror-mounted lamp or an electronic bidet. You can even install the latter one on your own, by following the guide here, and that is incidentally one of the best things to remember when retrofitting your bathroom: you needn’t look further than the Internet for tutorials that will save you the pretty penny you’d otherwise be spending on a contractor. You might also opt for candlelight, without the actual candles – the flameless modern equivalent to Victorian-age lighting won’t drip and won’t set your house on fire.

Step Two: Creative Look and Color Scheme

Like any other room of your house, the bathroom too should reflect your inner designer instincts. First off, though, channel the professionals and try to color-coordinate, with a view to making everything inside look like it’s part of a whole. You could try tiling your bathroom countertop – which is, again, something anyone can do themselves – in a color that fits best with the surroundings. To add your own personal touch to a wall (and cover up the flaky paint) you can glue a patchwork of your favorite magazine pages onto it, then use a clear finish topcoat to make your oeuvre stand the test of time and steam.

Step Three: Touch-Ups and Lasting Modifications

If you find chips in the tub or the sink in your bathroom, have them reglazed, rather than replaced. The same goes for the parquet floor – chances are, if your old bathroom floor is wooden, it’s looking worse for wear, but the good news is that’s nothing that a new coat of porch paint won’t fix! If you don’t want to use paint ever again, you could also try beadboard paneling for your walls, which will give the space a cozier, homier look, while needing close to no upkeep in the long term.

Step Four: Yard Sale Salvages and Reclaiming Unused Space

Don’t be afraid to upcycle! Repurpose a discarded coat rack instead of mounting a new towel rack, use a vintage dresser in your bathroom by fitting it around your sink and slapping on a mirror, if it didn’t already come with one. In case the space offers little room for vanity – excuse the pun – you might also try using your window sill as a stand-in: encase it in wood or tiles and plaster it with magazine cutouts, then line up your toiletries and you’re all done!

Of course, depending on how much thought and time you’re willing to put into it, the revamping of a stale-looking bathroom can take you down a longer, winding road toward full-blown renovation. It’s all up to you and your creative propensities should serve you well from here on out. Happy decorating!