How to Care for a Granite Countertop

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Granite countertops have become quite popular due to its sturdy quality and great appeal. However, it is also a bit expensive, thus you need to maintain it properly if you want your money to be worth it. Do not fret though; granite countertops are notorious for its ease of maintenance so you will not have a hard time following the instructions below.

Materials You Will Need:

  1. Soft Cloth
  2. Clean Water (warm and room temperature)
  3. Detergent
  4. Degreaser
  5. Marble Polish
  6. Sealant

Easy Maintenance Instructions:

1. Regular Maintenance – Countertops are beautiful, but in order to maintain its aesthetics, one should take care of it regularly. Using the warm water and detergent, clean the granite countertop. The warm water will help you get rid of the dirt with ease. Wipe its surface carefully, and make sure that the particles are removed. Afterwards, rinse it with water with room temperature. To cap it off, dry the countertop with soft cloth. If you do not have one, then just use a paper towel.

2. Stubborn Dirt and Stains – For stains and dirt that just would not budge, here is the solution. Get the degreaser and use it to remove the dirt. It will not damage the granite countertop, as long as you follow the instructions indicated on the packaging. Get a degreaser or stone that was specifically manufactured for granite countertops so you will not encounter a problem. Take note that these things are not used every day. They are employed once in a while for countertops with stains and hard to remove dirt.

3. Countertop Aesthetics – In order to make the countertop presentable, you need to polish and wipe it. Utilize the marble cleaner and cover the surface using the soft cloth. A sealant can be used every now and then to take care of the damages, though it is not really required. A granite countertop is best seen as sleek and clean so do not ignore this step.

Granite countertops are a sight to behold. Aside from that, its functionalities are endless. However, countertops do not take care of themselves; they need you to do it for them. Put on some elbow grease and maintain your countertop now to reap its benefits.