How to Make Your Business Relocation Run Smoothly

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moving servicesMoving your business premises, whether it’s because of expansion or simple relocation, is a big job. And as any disruption can affect your company’s profits, making the transition as seamless as possible is a priority.

Employ your employees

In order to minimise costs and disruption, use the workforce already available to you – your employees! Involve them in the moving process by getting them to pack up their own desks and by helping to prepare the new premises for your arrival.

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement which will allow them to familiarise themselves with the new location and find out how long their new commute is. By having your employees pack their desks and offices, they should be able to keep everything in order so they can get straight back to work once it’s unpacked too, and this means no drop in productivity.

Hire some specialists

You’ve probably thought about hiring a removal company. However if you really want everything to run smoothly, you should consider hiring a company with expertise in business removals, focusing on those who operate in your local area.

If you’re based in Hertfordshire, Brycelands Business Moves will help your company to relocate whilst ensuring all your belongings, documents and files arrived safely and efficiently.

Stay in touch

Keeping connected with clients and suppliers is one of the main challenges that a business will face during relocation. Depending on how long your move will take, you could consider hiring a mail or call forwarding service to handle communications until everything at your new office is up and running.

If you estimate that moving could take a few days, you could hire a virtual secretary to field incoming calls and forward them onto the relevant recipients. That way you don’t have to worry about missing out on any potential business during your move.

Clear the calendar

Though it’s possible to stay in touch with clients and suppliers during your move, taking on actual work may be difficult, if not impossible, so clear your calendar as much as possible. Ideally your move should take place over the weekend in order to minimise disruption but you should still consider clearing a few days in the week to allow everyone to settle in and to give yourself time to iron out any teething problems.

Moving a business, though full of challenges, can be a huge boost for your company. With careful organisation and planning, it can be accomplished with minimal disruption and financial strain.