Roof Repair Tips: Wooden Shingles or Shakes?

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Wood roofs evoke Old World simplicity and beauty, and putting wooden shingles or shakes on your roof to enhance the architecture of your home gives the building a ton of curb appeal while increasing its salability. There are advantages and disadvantages to living with a real wooden roof as compared to more popular asphalt shingles or wood lookalike materials. When it comes to Salt Lake City roof repair and installation, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into before you order a huge load of cedar shakes to top off your sweet cottage.

Advantages of Wooden Shingles and Shakes

On steeply sloped roofs, wooden shingles or shakes can provide decades of high quality protection. The aesthetic beauty of the real wood is one advantage, but most people are surprised to find that a well maintained roof can last as long as 30 years. Because wood shingles and shakes resist heat transmission twice as well as composite shingles, your roof will also help insulate your home against unwanted heat or cold.

Disadvantages of Wooden Shingles and Shakes

While the shingles and shakes can be protected to withstand the weather, and proper and regular cleaning will keep the mold, fungus, mildew, and rot issues at bay, wood is still susceptible to fire. Sparks from forest fires, a lightning strike, or a blocked chimney have the potential to set your home ablaze extremely quickly. Before going with wood, check your local ordinances to see if real wood shingles and shakes are allowed in your area. You will also want to check your insurance policy to see if your premiums will be affected. In addition to fire hazards, real wood is subject to termite damage.

Installation and Repair Requirements

If wood is your dream and you find that you are not breaking any laws, you will need to determine that your roof has enough of a slope to facilitate runoff. Next, you’ll need to decide on shingles or shakes, with shakes being thicker and more durable than shingles. And finally, you will need to know and comply with the underlayment requirements for a wood roof, which are different than for other types of roofing.

When it comes to Salt Lake City roof repairs for wooden shakes or shingles, these can be done fairly easily. One or more shingles can be removed and replaced as needed. If you have a termite infestation or large portions of the roof need to be replaced, this can also be accomplished, though the cost of replacement materials and labor will be higher than for composite shingles.