Storage for an Organised Home

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Whether you consider your home to “organised”, or whether you consider yourself to be an organised person, there’s no doubting that having ordered and orderly space management in your home is helpful. Clutter and disorganisation will poach space that could be better utilised. It also makes your home look not just untidy, but draws attention away from the best features of your home- the carpet or floors, the furniture, the windows, the contour of the walls and door/window frames, and the sources of light.

A recent study has shown that too much clutter can be unhealthy, triggering stress and being detrimental to one’s peace of mind.  Mess and disorganization can drain a home of positive energy, comfort and security. Decluttering is therefore a significant trend and some home owners are going so far as to remove or re-site non-load-bearing walls to create more of an open area within which areas can be divided using curtains, or large pieces of storage furniture.

Storage may not be a problem if you have a garage, a spare room, or a large loft or basement. But many of us have limited space- so how do you store things that you are likely to want to use quite regularly? More and more people are realising that storing should not be seen as a problem, but an opportunity. Storage these days not mean piles of tacky bin bags or plastic boxes against a wall full of winter jumpers. The secret is to make the storage medium a piece of furniture or home accessory that is intrinsically attractive and to be seen, rather than hidden away. So what sort of stylish storage is available these days? You’re spoilt for choice. From hand woven paper boxes, rustic treated and dyed wooden storage boxes through to traditional quilted ottoman for the foot of the bed, you should be able to find something that will contain your goods, or show them off, while maximising space.

In fact there’s a trend for simple but stylish storage devices that echo workmen’s accessories that you may expect to have found in a garden shed or workshop. Take a look at these leaning ladder shelves (from French Connection) that look far more swish than plain boring old shelves screwed to a wall. They come in a variety of sizes.

One of my favourite storage devices are those contained within stairs. Yep, that traditional means of conveying yourself from one level of your home to another can be used for storage too.

The first thing to do is to take time to look at your home with a critical “storage” eye, perhaps with your partner, or family, and see where there may be room for getting something stylish and practical to hold or display your belongings.  Then take a look on the internet at all the latest ideas for storage, and see what will suit you and your surroundings. Don’t store up trouble in a cluttered home, open up and refresh your home!

Good luck!