Storage, Support and Size: Selecting a TV Cabinet for Your Home

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More and more people are looking to high definition screens like LEDs, plasmas and LCDs for all their television needs. That fact is becoming especially true as televisions both increase in size and quality while decrease in overall price. If you aren’t planning on mounting a television set on your wall, you will likely need to purchase something like a TV cabinet to store it. As the cabinet will likely be a great deal larger than even the set itself, it is always important to consider a few specific things to help make sure both that you’re getting the right model and that you’re purchasing something that will fit in with the existing design and aesthetic of your home.

The first thing you need to think about when looking at TV cabinets is the size of the cabinet itself. Most modern-day television cabinets will support a very specific range of TV sizes. Some cabinets might fit television sets up to 55 inches, for example, but won’t work for anything larger. Take a tape measure and find out the “true” size of your screen. Remember that televisions are measured diagonally and not horizontally. Stretch the tape measure from the lower left corner of the set to the upper right corner, making sure to also measure the bezel that acts as a frame around the LCD, LED or plasma. The number you are left with will be the relative size of the cabinet that you should purchase.

You’ll also need to think very carefully about just what it is you want your TV cabinet to do. Some television cabinets are designed to do just that – house a television set. Others are designed for so much more and can actually be functional storage spaces for a room. Keep in mind that a TV cabinet that you buy will need space to house existing home theater components that you may have like cable boxes, digital video recorders and Blu-ray players. If you have a DVD or Blu-ray collection, you’ll also want something with space to store all of your favorite movies and television shows on optical discs.

You’ll also want to make sure to choose a cabinet that visually matches the look of the room it’s going in. If your room has darker furniture, for example, choose a cabinet that matches that design.

Another important thing that you’re going to need to think about is the future. Remember that it is much easier to buy a new television set than it is to buy a new television cabinet. The television set that you currently own isn’t likely to be the last one that you’ll ever buy. If you’re thinking about upgrading your television to a larger size in one, two or even five years, make sure that you purchase a cabinet that has dimensions that can support that future purchase. Doing so will make sure that you don’t have to spend a few hundred additional dollars at that time to purchase a new cabinet to fit your new set. It will also save you the trouble of moving an old cabinet out of your home to make space for the new one.

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