Tips for Cabinet Refacing

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If your kitchen is in need for a facelift, the best and most affordable option is to reface and refinish your cabinets. Kitchens from 40 years ago were very retro, and that look does not work anymore. Instead of completely gutting your kitchen and starting fresh, begin with the cabinets and give the same material a new look.

Once your cabinet doors are removed, determine how easy it will be to stain them or refinish them. More architectural or intricate designs on the cabinets can make for a longer time frame for the facelift. Begin to sand the front and sides of the cabinet and make it so there is still a layer left, but just enough to make a good surface for veneering. Veneers are thin slices of wood that are used, in this case, to cover a surface. One the slices of wood are securely glued and nailed on, make sure to trim the sides to match the original shape of the cabinets. This may be more difficult with a detailed surface, so that is when veneering would have to be questioned as an option.

Now it is time to stain the cabinets. Start with the inside and use something small like a toothbrush to get the smaller areas. It does not hurt to also use a small brush for the entire surface because small drips are easier to fix with a smaller brush. Going back to a more detailed cabinet surface, use the paintbrush to get into the grooves and crevices with the stain. Staining is one of the more simple parts of refacing and refinishing and as long as you are precise, it will look great.

Since you worked hard to put a new layer of wood on your cabinets, you don’t want that beautify to be compromised by food spills and grease, or whatever else spreads in your kitchen. The solution to that is Polyurethane and this is a clear layer that seals in the wood. The normal amount of coats is three and once applied, it will only take a day or so to dry. It is important to be very particular because you want to avoid air bubbles and pockets. In between the first and second coat you can sand the surface to prepare for the remaining layers.

Once you have the desired look on your cabinets, make sure all the dust and shavings are gone and replace them on the frames. You’ll also have to replace the hinges so that is another tedious process involving the repair of the cabinets. Once these are all complete, you should have yourself a brand new looking kitchen!

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