Clean Bedroom for a Healthy You

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Having a busy career life, we are always on the go and may not have time to prepare for breakfast. We just hop out in our house and just take a quick detour to a Cafe to buy coffee and some doughnuts leaving our house especially our bedroom in a mess.

Having an organized bedroom creates a positive vibe; it also stimulates your mind to think orderly. Having a messy room may also bother your work and you may carry that scattered surrounding in your work place, and that’s not a good idea. I suggest that you establish a clean and orderly house. You can begin with your bedroom and you can do the other part of the house when you have plenty of time.

Organized Closets

You can start by arranging your closets. It can be a little messy once a guest arrives and we often pile unfolded shirts and garments in the closet and leave them there until forgotten. Put out everything and sort them out, you may find stuffs that you no longer use for a long time, you might want to pile them up for donations or for garage sale. Once you have sorted and pile them up neatly inside the closets you’ll be surprise that it has become spacious. Now you won’t be worrying about what clothes to wear because you can easily see them in your closets and you shop for new ones to fill it in.

Neat and Tidy Bed

As much as it’s tiring to get up in the morning after a long and tiring day yesterday, making your bed may look even more tiring but you must make it as a habit since it’s the first thing that you should do when getting up. It’s not that hard actually since you are only going to pile the pillows and linens neatly. It helps to have simple bed cover and sheets and a few pillows. If you have a partner then you can tag team making up the bed, it’ll be a fun start to bond in the morning.

Decluttering the Dresser

Throw away old make up products that you are not using for a long time. They tend to pile up scattered in your drawers once you bought new ones, they may be expired or not already good for your skins since it had not been used for too long. Having those unused stuff put away, your eyes can find what you are looking for with no hassle.