Detect Vapor Intrusion In The Nick Of Time

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Not everything you inhale is clean. There is the pollution surrounding your area, which is brought about by the usual culprits, e.g. cars, factories, and so much more. There are also those that do not normally occur, such as when chemicals found in the groundwater or even the soil get mixed in the indoor or outdoor air, contaminating the air that you breathe. This occurrence is known as the Vapor Intrusion. However, though this rarely happen, it still does, and it can be dangerous for everyone on the area.

Determining the Presence of a Vapor Intrusion

The environmental consulting experts are the ones who will determine if there is in fact a contamination in the area. They use specialized equipments such as the Vapor Pin which is a form of sampling equipment that collects soil gas, or other contaminants in the place for their investigation. The beauty of this type of equipment is due to its materials and construction, leaks are not an option, and the experts can get pure samples that they can utilize to help you further.

How a Vapor Intrusion Affects People

Vapor Intrusion affects the inhabitants of the area in two ways; long term and short term. For the latter, a considerably high amount of contaminant in the air can lead to an explosion, and other hazards. Also, the smell is not pleasant for everyone, not to mention people with lung problems such as asthma will be affected. Health experts are looking at the possibility of cancer if a person is exposed to a vapor contaminant for a long period of time.

Note to Experts

For experts like you who are responsible for obtaining the collection samples with regards to vapor intrusion, only the best equipments should be used. Look for the following criteria’s when buying a sampling device.

  • Can be reused for the purpose of saving money.
  • Allows you to get the sample fast to be able to study and eliminate the problems quickly.
  • The device should not have leakage so the sample is nearly pure, allowing you to conduct proper research.
  • Easily installed and recovered.

Vapor Intrusion is very dangerous, that is why you should alert the experts if you suspect a contamination in your building. Meanwhile, if you are the expert yourself, help your clients better by using topnotch devices such as the Vapor Pin. You can visit for more info.