Fairy Tale Bedroom Using Christmas Lights

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Everyone dreams of having an enchanted bedroom straight out of a fairy tale book, especially little girls. The great thing about it is it can be easily done. How you may ask? The answer is quite simple; you just need a good idea, and several Christmas Lights to do the trick. This write-up covers the former, so all you need to do is read, and provide the Christmas Lights that will make everything possible.

Creating a Fairy Tale Bedroom:

Drape Lights- Every princess room is well equipped with a four poster bed complete with drapes. If you have one yourself, then this project will be a lot easier. You simply have to hang several Christmas Lights that you got from the ChristmasLightsEtc on the drapes. If that is not manageable, then you can try putting the lights on the poster or pillar instead. It will immediately make the room more enchanting.

Headboard Lights- Do not lose hope if you do not own a four poster bed. Another great trick for the bedroom is by utilizing the headboard for your decoration. You will have a one of a kind bed that your friends will envy.

Ceiling Lights- In some fairy tales, you will often hear the words “wish upon a star.” If you do that, then your dreams may come true. However, even if gazing at true stars from your bedroom is not possible, you can recreate the ambiance by placing Christmas Lights on the ceiling. Have a handyman install it, or if you want, you can even ask your dad to do it for you. When all else fail, just do it yourself, provided that you know how to properly handle it.

An enchanted bedroom is not that hard to achieve. All you need is the right materials, a little help from an expert, and of course, bright ideas like the ones given above. Now that you know what to do, go for it and may you have a fascinating bedroom that everyone will love to stay at, and will even copy.