Getting Rid of Roaches in Your Home

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I really hate cockroaches, because they just won’t die easily, and they sure multiply fast making your home smelling like cockroaches. Just how are you going to make these pests go away? It’s not always easy as killing them with a pesticide because they got a big family; you have to be strategic in doing so.

Make your house clean and dry

The best way to get rid of roaches is to understand what their nature is. Cockroaches like to live in a warm, humid environment with lots of food. Whenever there is moisture, roaches are there therefore it’s better to clean up and leave no moisture behind especially in your kitchen and bathroom because that’s where you find them most. Put all your fresh fruits, breads, etc in a sealed container to prevent cockroaches from getting into your food.

Clean all your old newspapers and cardboard boxes and pile them in a sealed container or plastic cellophane or better yet get rid of them. Roaches are drawn to papers because it absorbs certain pheromone that attracts them.

Use a pesticide

When you are done searching for their hiding spots, you can use the ultimate pest killer to get rid of them, remember to not let your children and pets be near you while spraying because some pesticides contains toxic materials that harms our lungs, make also that you are wearing a mask and sure that you have kept away any food in place.

Fill any cracks or crannies

Whenever you use pesticides some of the roaches might not die quickly, some of them are escape artist that can easily detect trouble, now once you see them escape through a hole; you might want to cover that up with flexible caulks to keep them away from entering your house.

Be sure to follow these steps to enjoy a cockroach free home.