Make a Mini Library Inside Your Home

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I love books and I have this dream of having my own library inside the house, just a small room or a closet, just something much bigger and cooler than a bookshelf. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your library without having to worry about the space? Here are some ideas on how you can create a mini library with a twist.

Stare books on the stairs

You can remodel your stairs, why make it plain when you can create funky bookshelves. It doesn’t need to be a line of shelves. You can perk it up a bit by designing the shelves to form a tree, a flower or just an abstract design.

Try the attic

An attic is perfect fro creating that library feel. If you have a big and spacious attic then you can also make it into an office/library or if you can’t stand not having to read even before you sleep then you can make it into a bedroom/library.

Ceiling surprise

I saw a cool photo wherein the office has a hollow ceiling, just like a cylinder and guess what; it was made into a cool library. The office has a ladder too, to reach the books. It was really cool; it got me thinking of making a big hole on my ceiling just to make an excuse of remodeling it into a library.

Whatever it is there are lots of ways on making a mini library inside your house. Just make it fun, without consuming much of your space.