Scents and Sensibilities

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We all think too much about how to make our home look pretty and organized but we never thought about how to make it smell good. Smell is important because this will set up the mood in your house and it brings out that homey feel and lasting memories. It’s like chatting with your friends in the living room while enjoying a cup of tea while basking in the invigorating scent of lemon.


These scent is perfect for living rooms and office desks or while you are simply outdoor. Citrus gives off an energizing scent that is great during the day when you are always on the go. A simple decoration of citrusy fruits in a platter will do to make your home smelling fresh.

Lavender, Chamomile and Sage

These scents relax your nerves, these are perfect in bedrooms and places you want to just lay down and rest. Try washing your bed sheets and blankets in detergents and fabric conditioners with these scents, or you can try something organic by putting them in vase.

Cinnamon and Nutmegs

Create a cozy ambiance by lighting cinnamon candles. These are perfect for the autumn and winter where you want feel some warmth while appreciating the sweet smell of it, while you sip a cup of tea and eating some gingerbread.

Rosemary and Sandalwood

Want to get into a romantic mood? These scents are perfect since it gives off that woodsy smell that is just right for occasions where you want to be intimate.