Small Details Count When It Comes To Scrubs

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If you are a fashion savant, then you know how important small details are when it comes to clothes. The same goes even for your daily wear or work uniform. If you are one of the following; doctor, dentist, nurse, medical technician, or any personnel working under the health industry, then you know that this implies your scrubs, aka the work wear you put on every day like the ones in

Name Embroidery

Some hospitals require you to wear a nameplate, which is very essential. Not only does it give patients and visitors your name, it also lets them identify your role inside the institution. However, if you do not have a nameplate, name embroidery in your scrubs can work for you too. It serves the same function, and is not there merely for aesthetic reasons. In some cases, this small detail is even more advantageous. Compared to the nameplate or ID, embroidery does not hinder your movement, plus you will not forget to put it on.

To Slit Or Not To Slit

The side slit seen on your scrubs top is also easily missed by most medical professionals. Like the embroidery, it plays a special part, not necessarily when it comes to identification, but ease of movement. A side slit offers more mobility, hence allowing you to do everything quickly, and efficiently. For comfortable scrubs with side slits, see

The Neck Matters

Scrubs can either come in a v-neck style, or a rounded one. The former allows you to breathe comfortably. However, some females feel uncomfortable wearing one because of the fear of exposure on their chest area when they lean down. Nevertheless, you can always cover it with an inner shirt. Regardless of what style you choose, you should make sure that the neck area is not too tight or loose.

Sometimes, due to your stressful and busy work, you fail to acknowledge small but important details in your scrubs, without knowing that it affects your movement, and aesthetic in the hospital environment. Now that you have learned about them, the next time you put your scrubs on, do not forget to check out these details and alter them according to your needs.