Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Having a small bathroom is not uncommon for many individuals. Larger apartments or houses cost higher, so sometimes you have to make do with what you got. But do not worry, because even if your bathroom is smaller than what you have always wanted, it does not mean that you cannot design it with the style that you love. All it takes is a little know-how, imagination, and the right bathroom storage to solve your problems. Here are some bathroom ideas you can consider.

Color It Right

Like any part of the house, the bathroom needs a little bit of color. Painting your bathroom with darker, stable hues may be tempting, especially if you love punk, rock, or Goth. However, dark colors tend to make an area look smaller than it is. Because your bathroom is already tiny, you do not want to add further damage. So to counteract this effect, you should opt for lighter hues that brightens and opens up the area. Just add other dash of color through the accessories you put inside.

Glass Is Better

Glass comes in different forms. It can be a window, a mirror, or a cabinet door. Using glass in any of its form is highly advisable. When utilized as a transparent cabinet door, it will extend your view to the things and space inside making the room look larger. Meanwhile, a mirror bounces the light and increase the virtual space. Finally, the window allows you to use the natural lighting and make the area look bigger.

Store It Properly

The right bathroom storage will definitely help you because it will get rid of all the visible clutter in the area. Cabinets, shelving, and hampers are some of the common things that people use. Instead of lining them all on the floor, you should mount them on the wall. This will increase your leg room, tricking your mind that the bathroom is bigger than it is. The more storage you have, the better it will look.

A small bathroom is not a cause of alarm. You should embrace this tiny space, and turn the situation around for the best. By utilizing the said ideas, you will soon have a cozy, unique, bathroom where you can conduct all your private business.