Getting a Helping Hand with Household Chores: The Benefits of Steam Generator Irons

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Household chores are generally not a great deal of fun. Whether you’re cleaning the bathroom, washing up the dishes or doing the washing for an entire household, any opportunity to make life easier is normally quite welcome.

Ironing is no exception. While there are certain items of clothing which you can easily get away without ironing, the task will, at some stage, become inevitable.

Here, we take a closer look at the steam generator iron, considering the ways in which it can help us out with one of the less exciting household chores.

Increased capacity

Unlike a standard iron, a steam generator iron can hold a lot of water. Not only will this save the hassle of filling the iron up at regular intervals, but it will save you time overall.

Steam generator irons will generally have a capacity of around 1 litre, while most other irons will have a capacity closer to the 400ml mark. It might not seem significant, but it’s the small things like this which make life easier in the long run.

Fewer creases

Of course, the goal of the ironing process is the removal of creases. While no iron worth its own weight will leave you with creased clothing, it is fair to say that some irons will require a lot more labour on your part in order to reach the desired result.

The key to fast and effective crease removal is in the steam. Using pressurised steam from its own boiler, a steam generating iron will promise you a more powerful steam than most irons, and one which lasts for longer.

A higher pressure allows the steam to penetrate the clothing more effectively, leading to a more impressive result with less effort and energy expenditure.

More versatility

Smaller, traditional irons will generally be sufficient for your needs when it comes to more delicate items, like your underwear, but if you’re keen to iron something more substantial, you’re likely to need a bit more power.

Steam generating irons can easily cope with thicker items, such as curtains. It’s also important to note that they work well with vertical ironing. This can make life a lot easier with heavier items like curtains, which can be a struggle to pull down onto your ironing board.

It’s also possible to iron shirts on the hanger in this way.