Going Green in Our Homes

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Because the Earth is becoming more and more polluted, concerned people have decided to go green to minimize our planet’s destruction. Ever notice that our planet’s weather is becoming unstable? That’s because we have abuse it and we should not undermine this issue and participate even in our homes. This will not only benefit the planet but likewise you.

Go Solar – Why not install some solar panels in your home. It’s pretty conventional, and it is still used by most people to go eco-friendly. Just install it on your roof and let the sun do the job. It’s natural and economical.

Insulation for windows and doors – Winters can be cold and using your heater all the time will suck up too much electricity. A great way to prevent heat loss in your home is by giving your windows and doors some insulation.

Make a compost pit – Do not throw all those rubbishes away; you can use them by making a compost pit. Rotten vegetables and its peeling, eggshells and soiled leftovers can be turn into something helpful simply by layering this stuff along with your soil. The soil is great for gardening, all your plants will surely look better.

Water conservation – Check your leaks regularly. Switch to low toilet flush and when brushing try to turn off the faucet. Teach your family member to conserve water.

Roof and floors – During summer, heat can be stressing so you might want to repaint your roof with light colors. These color attract heat less. You might also want to change your flooring to light colors as well, it will not only brighten your room, but it will also make it cool.