Home Care Services to Help you Stay at Home

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Finding the right home for an elderly person can be tough. Not all homes offer the right care for all people. It is very important to find a place that caters to your loved one’s specific needs. Here are a few things to think about when looking at retirement homes.

Their Needs

What kind of care do they need? Can they live own their own with minimal help or do they need assisted living? Do you need a home with minor adjustments or will they need 24-hour care? Here are some of the options available for elderly people:

Home Renovations

Sometimes you don’t need to find another home, just make a few minor adjustments like adding a ramp or chairlift, and you’re all set. Remodeling your bathroom for a walk-in bathtub and adding bars to the walls will make a huge difference in your home. There are many home renovation companies that specialize in making homes elderly-accessible.

Home Care

Another option to think about is home care. While some people might not need to go to a home, they still need extra help. There are places like St. Ives of Australia, where they send health care professionals to your loved one’s home to give them the care they need. They will go to both private and nursing homes. They will test their blood, vital signs, and any other help they may need.

Retirement Villages

This is a great option for someone who only needs a little extra care, and would like to live with other retired people. Not only do they have a lot of extra services for the elderly like social gatherings, supervised activities, and landscaped gardens, they will also help care for your loved one.

Residential Care

Sometimes, your loved one might need full-time care. These places offer everything your loved one needs from medical assistance, to pain treatment, to hospice care.


Most insurance companies will handle all of your loved one’s medical expenses. There are many government programs that will help those in the lower-income brackets. Many home care facilities will work with you to give you the health care you need without draining your life savings.

Once you know what you are looking for in a home, you can compare options to see which one is right for your loved one.