Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Options

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If you are thinking that your kitchen is in need of a renovation, the best way is to start with small steps. Sometimes taking a sledgehammer to your walls can be a tedious and exhausting process. Something like under kitchen cabinet lighting will help you not only navigate better in the kitchen but bring a sense of newness to the space. There are a few options and each has its own pros and cons. Here is a list of the typical options for under cabinet lighting.

Rope LED Lights

Lighting can make any room seem large, brighter and prettier. For the kitchen, which is used as frequently as a bedroom, may need to have tricks done to it to increase size and usability. The first option in under cabinet lighting is a rope LED light. This seems to give more surface area for light since it goes around the whole bottom of the cabinet. There are multiple color options and it is also flexible to fit multiple shapes. Rope LED lighting fits into a normal electrical socket and even can be camouflaged.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lighting has been used in the home for decades and also office buildings. It is very reliable and it usually made pretty large. The type of fluorescent lighting that goes under cabinets is much smaller but has the same power. It can be many different sizes but the most common is rectangular side-by-side lights. You can find many color options in most major department stores or home improvement stores. These lights give more vibrant lighting on the below countertop.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights for under the cabinet are the least noticeable option for kitchen lighting. You can also get more bang for your buck since they are smaller and you can use multiple lights. The trick is to measure how much space there is between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinet. You will then use the same distance for placing each light. They are typically circular and small. Halogen lights can also be paired together and mounted as a rectangular piece under the cabinet. This looks a lot like fluorescent lighting but has a different quality to it.

All of these lighting options can be installed by professionals but it is easy enough for a D.I.Y. project and there are step-by-step instructions for all types online. Any employee of a home improvement store can assist with picking out the lighting and determining which works best for you kitchen’s need.