Make Your House Guest Ready for Just An Hour

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There are days when we receive an unexpected call from our friends, they decided to visit us in our house and your whole place is just not guest ready. You can’t always give them excuses about not getting a helper, or you are just too busy for the past few days.

The thing, is you can clean you house in just an hour; at least it can be guest ready. You do not necessarily need to clean it thoroughly. We are talking about fast cleaning here.

Living room

This room is the most important place to clean because it is where we receive our guests. Clean out all the clutter like, toys and magazines. Wipe the dusty surface that is visible to the eye. Use a hand held vacuum to remove fibers on your couch, spray some air freshener for a cleaner scent.


Guests use our bathroom so it’s important that it is clean and the floor tiles are not wet. Use an all purpose cleaner to spray the walls and floor. Disinfect the toilet and sink then wipe the splatters and add in a bathroom freshener.

Dining Room

Usually the dining room is the place for conversation so you better clean it well so that the conversation will not turn out to be the “cleaning tips 101” type of convo. Wipe the surface and clear the table and to make it even more elegant by putting a platter of fruits on the table.