Serious Gardening

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It’s the same every year, the week following the Chelsea Flower Show there’s a massive surge in sale of gardening equipment as people decide to start taking their ‘pottering round the garden’ to the next level. A beautifully presented garden is a joy that requires continual love and attention, but which will reward handsomely. However, like anything that requires skill and attention, the correct tools and equipment for the job need to be available.

The number one requirement is a good, watertight shed. Making it well lit, and installing an electricity and water supply, will turn the humble shed from being a wooden storage cupboard into a functioning workshop. Windows and doors should be well secured and anything of really high value should perhaps be locked separately – a floor locked safe wouldn’t be an overreaction for the most high value items, and check that the household insurance covers outside equipment up to the necessary value.

For a garden that is predominantly lawn a decent lawnmower is a must. For anything even remotely sizeable a sit on lawnmower is a great idea as it turns a chore into a treat. Anyone who says they don’t enjoy riding around on one pretending they’re a bus driver is a liar! However, ensure that it is regularly maintained, and keep a decent nut splitter in the shed in case anything seizes up and needs loosening.

Talking of which no shed is complete without a full set of tools. A set of spanners and a torque wrench should all be available whenever needed, Norbar offer a brilliant range of every tool imaginable and are well worth a look. A water feature is a must in most modern gardens and basic maintenance will ensure they stay running clean and efficiently for longer, especially useful in the run up to winter when frozen pipes need to be pre-empted and avoided.

The way to affirm that a garden belongs to a truly seriously green-fingered gardener however is by ensuring it looks good all year round. Plan the plants and flowers so that it looks good no matter the season, with winter pansies and snowdrops brightening the cooler months just as well as the summer blooms in July. Keeping on top of bulb and plant rotation will ensure that all of the hard work pays off and the garden wouldn’t look out of place and next year’s Chelsea Flower Show.