Shower Kit – What You Need to Buy

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With Halloween peering over the horizon as I type this, perhaps it’s apt to tell you a quick horror story. Now I’m no Poe, King or Lovecraft, but I know this is a tale to chill the blood…

It is dark, early morning, past the witching hour, and outside in the cold and murk the branches slap at the walls. Rain grits the window. You are warm and safe in bed though…for now…for soon you must wake…

Alright, maybe ‘horror’ was a bit strong, but awaking in a freezing cold house is absolutely grim. Worse still, if you’re anything like me, you get Nasa statisticians in to accurately calibrate just how many seconds it will require you to get ready in the morning, saving you precious time in bed. Showers in this regard beat baths into submission. So, sleepy head, let’s help solve this nightmare with a shower kit.

But how? Read on.

Odds & Sods

As I’m something of a renegade, arguably the most maverick bathrooms writer out there, I’m going to start with the small things. This section covers the lesser lights, essential components that nonetheless do not necessarily grab the attention. Your needs will dictate what you will require, but it could could be a shower riser rail, shower head arm or hoses. Now you know.

Tapping Up

The age-old, standard way of doing things is to run your shower off a bath filler or mixer tap. The thing here is that you will have to attend to the two taps yourself in order to achieve your desired temperature. Furthermore, if other people call on hot water from other outputs in the home, that can affect your shower, too.


Alternatively, you can opt for a shower mixer valve to provide your shower water flow. If you opt for this, you are then faced with the binary choice of whether or get a thermostatic valve. The predominant and vital – as I see it – difference between thermostatic and standard valves is the fact that a thermo valve will keep your set temperature going for you automatically; no more fiddling! They also have welcome built-in safety features, such as anti-scalding mechanisms.

Heads Up

Pretty vital are shower heads, it has to be said – try getting washed beneath a broken pipe under pressure to see what I mean! They also offer serious style, with units now available in all manner of shapes, sizes and finishes, with plastic, steel and brass heads all offering great performance. Get an LED shower head if you really want to splash colour (cleanly!) across your bathroom, too.