The Do’s and Don’t of House Painting

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First do your homework, you must know beforehand how to mix and match colors. There is a color  wheel in which you get color ideas for your color schemes. ‘

Just because you like pink that does not mean that you have to color it pink all the way. Coloring is art; you must combine colors to give your home drama and character. Remember 60% of the house’s color is the dominant one, the 30% would be your secondary color and 10% is the accent

Each color changes its appearance whenever there is light. Some color’s would be very appealing at night and may be dull during the day. Before finalizing, it may be wise to check the color in different lighting. You might regret it if you don’t.

I know you like to try different colors but overloading palettes will ruin everything. Too much is happening and, overloading it might lose its appeal.

Choose classic furniture colors. It is nice to follow the popular colors. In choosing furniture, it might be the best idea to buy one that will always be on trend, a classic color perhaps. It’s easy to get away with the wall colors because you can just repaint them but furniture is expensive so you have to spend wise.

Balance your house by mixing warm and cool color.

If you’re a girl and you like cute and flowery colors you don’t have to incorporate all of it in your house or the living room. Try to use colors that can be appreciated by both genders. You might give away that the owner has girly taste and if you are selling the house, it might limit your buyers so don’t be gender wise.