Top Tips for Choosing and Using Timeless Timber Flooring

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Recycled timber is excellent for creating the ideal look while being environmentally friendly as well. Additionally, working with recycled timber can save you a lot of money to put back into your pocket toward the next project. However, before you start your next project, it’s crucial that you know how to choose and use timber flooring to get the best results possible.

What Is Marri?

Marri is lightish timber commonly found in the southwest of Western Australia. Marri comes in a wide range of colours, including white, fawn, light brown, and brown. However, the colours can be even more remarkable depending on what finish you use. Given its wide range of colours, grain, and durability, Marri is a popular choice for hardwood floors.

 Tips for Choosing Recycled Timber Flooring

 1. Make sure you know exactly how much wood you need.

When undertaking a large project, such as building a deck, it’s crucial that you have a lot of the same species to work with. If you only have enough wood for half of the project, you may have to work with other colours and grains than originally planned. To experience less hassle, always be sure to measure and calculate how much wood you need for a project before going to suppliers.

 2. Go straight to the source.

If you want to really save money, going directly to the source for recycled timber is ideal. You can start by visiting demolition sites and asking if you can have the leftover timber. If you are very lucky, it’s possible that you could get your timber for free. However, it’s important that you don’t go to demolition sites fully expecting to receive free lumber. You also have to remember that you may not be able to get enough wood to complete an entire project.

 3. Go to dealers.

If you want a particular look, such as Lifewood Floors manufacture Marri timber flooring, it’s helpful to visit dealers before beginning a new project. Fortunately, you can ask dealers about the history of the wood you want to purchase to learn what is best for your needs. You may even discover that the wood comes from an iconic building, such as a historic warehouse, that can potentially increase your property’s value.

4. Inspect the wood.

When choosing timber, be sure to always check for nails and other metals. If you work with dealers, you should ask them to remove all the nails and metal beforehand. However, visually inspecting the wood with your own eyes is essential as well. If you spot a black or blue stain in the wood, it can indicate that metal is embedded underneath.

You should also avoid choosing wood that has been painted. Many people buy painted wood and sand off the paint afterward. However, the practice can be dangerous since the paint may contain toxic chemicals that can become airborne and/or seep further into the wood.

Using recycled timber for your next project is a great way to save money and help the environment as well. By researching beforehand, you can find the best timber to suit your unique needs.

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