Accessorise Your Bed!

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Your bedroom is your refuge. It’s your place of relaxation, a place that you can sit back, unwind, and let the stresses of the day melt away. No matter what area of your bedroom needs accessorizing there are all sorts of ways to decorate your bedroom and bring it to life. If you’re looking to make your drab bedroom into a dreamy sanctuary of peace, put some of these easy decorating tips into practice!

Start with your bed; choose a bed frame that can be easily accessorised such as the Vancouver Petite Oak Low End Bed Frame from Lights and Furniture and start getting creative.

Pile on the pillows!

Pillows are an awesome way to accessorise your bed. Pillows come in virtually every colour and design and it’s a bonus that they are usually inexpensive!  Don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns. It’s ok to mix small prints with large ones, floral designs with checker designs. This simple idea can add a lot to your bed and help tie in other elements of your colour scheme.

Get a headboard.

Headboards are an amazing addition to any bed. Whether you’re looking for elegant or modern, there are a variety of styles out there now that will fit your personal sense of style. If you live in a small space and don’t have room for a bed frame or large headboard, think about putting your creativity to use. Look around online for ideas on do it yourself artwork for solving the blank wall problem – hanging quilts or creating a headboard using upholstery, glues, staples, and simple sewing skills are all options.

Patterns are your friend.

If you’re looking for your bedroom décor to “pop”, pick your bedspread carefully. Instead of picking the plain white or black comforter, look for a unique printed bedspread.  Is there a floral pattern that you specifically like? What about a bright, modern pattern that will tie in the wall colour and add a little pizzazz to the room? Patterns aren’t just for the bedspread either. If you’d rather have a plain bedspread, then incorporate patterns into other parts of the room. For example, buy a patterned lampshade or get a quilt that can serve as an accent piece that lies on your favourite antique oak rocking chair.

Personalize your space.

This is a key piece of decorating your space! It’s ok to mix in some quirky or eclectic pieces to your space. Your room is your personal haven, so if you want, decorate around pieces of furniture that have meaning to you, like your grandma’s rocking chair that was passed down to you. Or, turn your personal pictures into art. Is there a beautiful photograph of one of your loved ones that speaks to you? Blow it up onto a large canvas and mount it on a wall. Your photos can be transformed into meaningful art.

Make rest your highest priority when you come home at the end of a long day. Your bedroom is your special spot of retreat, even when exotic holidays aren’t always a possibility!