Gutter and Sprout: No Guts, No Glory

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extended rain gutter spouts

The gutter and sprout have a simple purpose of leading water away from the roof. These are mainly used to dispose of rainwater and prevent it from flowing into the roof and other parts of the house which will weaken the house’s foundations

Having a gutter and sprout is a cost-efficient option considering the amount of money that the home owner will save from foundation erosions and other bigger problems caused by incorrectly disposed rainwater.

There are a lot of materials and design that homeowners can choose from. Some homeowners experiment instead on the size and color of gutter and sprout while others choose an interesting-looking sprout. Some cool ideas are animals and other creatures with mouths which serve as the sprout, using chains wherein the water can flow through or what is called the rain chain, a water barrel, while some homeowners gather all the rainwater towards one spot and let all of it flow freely, incorporating this function to the house’s design.