Quick Shot – Five Cool Modern Bathroom Essentials

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The traditional will always have a place, especially when you consider the rise and rise of retro styling now. That said, a lot of people still tend to look to the near future for inspiration for their home design. I’m one of those people, and below are five items I feel are essential for a practical and stylish contemporary bathroom.

Illuminated Mirror

Enliven that inert piece of glass by getting a model with lights studded into it. Even cooler, go for a model with special demister pads. These are brilliant, as they prevent the mirror fogging up. This stops you having to constantly mucky up the mirror by wiping it with your hands.

Concealed Shower Valve

Concealed valves have most of their workings secreted unseen behind a front plate, with the workings running up inside your wall. This minimalism is perfectly complementary to contemporary bathrooms.

Frameless Shower Screen

Taking its cue from the above, this echoes a minimalist look. This is because frameless screens and enclosures do away with the visible metallic strips. With just glass and minimal fittings, the light is allowed to move around the room more, making it look airy and bright.

Designer Radiators

Yes, you can have form and function. Luxury designer radiators can be vertical or horizontal and – for a truly cutting edge vibe – should feature gloriously slimline flat panels. Finish them in bright chrome or a cool black gloss for an eye-catching look.

LED Shower Heads

Shower heads have come on in leaps and bounds, in design terms, and now offer some seriously cool options. The most exciting – for me – are LED shower heads, which project stunningly attractive light across your bathroom after being activated by the water pressure. This means, at a glance, you can tell the water temperature, too.