Small Kitchen Designs

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Just because your kitchen is small in size doesn’t mean it has to be small in style. It is still entirely possible to have a chic and beautiful kitchen even if you don’t have the space for more than one person to be cooking at once!

Utilise Wall Space

Opt for light coloured cabinets which go from floor to ceiling, making the most out of the space you have. Lighter coloured mixed with glass doors will stop the kitchen from feeling overcrowded whilst providing with some much needed extra storage space. If floor to ceiling cabinets isn’t your thing then consider floating shelves instead. Use shelves for your more attractive kitchen items and relegate the bulky ones to the cupboards.

Use Natural Light

Small rooms need all the light they can get so make sure any windows you have as a big as they can. Keep the windowsill free from clutter and unless needed for privacy, don’t use a blind. Keep the window wide and open and unadorned to make the most of the light.

Awkward Shapes

Small kitchens can sometimes have funny angles so make the most of the shape you have. Plan it out carefully so that even the awkward corners are being utilised in some way.

Reflective Surfaces

Pick units which have reflective fronts to give the idea of more space in your kitchen. Consider a mirror at one end if your kitchen is long and narrow. Anything which will reflect the light and create the idea of more space is perfect.

Be Creative

Think about how you can get the most out of the space you have. Can you use a dishwasher drawer as a hanging space for plate storage, for example. Will any of your cabinets take a hanging spice rack on their doors? Don’t feel limited by the amount of cupboard space you have available, take into account the whole space, is there room to push the kitchen out a little bit into the next room? Scour the internet for ideas, you can guarantee whatever you are trying to achieve, it’s most likely already been done to some degree!

Mix and Match

Picking different surface textures can stop your small kitchen from feeling boxy, boring and uniform. Choose units in slightly different colours or be bold and mix bright colours. Placing white cupboards over a darker colour, for example will lift the eye giving the appearance of more space whereas installing cupboards with different finishes can give your kitchen character and more it more individual and unique.

Just because your kitchen space is small doesn’t mean it can’t work the way you want it to. Let your imagination go and think of how your perfect kitchen would look. The chances are you can take steps towards your dream kitchen by making the most of the space you have now if you are willing to experiment and think outside of the box. If all else fails, you can always call in the experts. Oliver Peake, based in the capital, creates some of the finest bespoke kitchens London has to offer, and loves nothing more than helping people make the most of limited space.