Three Hallmarks of Designer Radiators

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Everywhere we look these days people are striving to make everything look chic, stylish and elegant, perhaps in mimicry of the delightfully cool design of Apple’s products. Some however get this wrong, and end up prioritising form over function, which is just ridiculous as I would rather have an ugly car that moves rather than a Zonda with no engine. Or would I…?

Anyway, I’m getting off my point. In the home, even units seen before as utilitarian, such as radiators, have begun to experience a lot of attention from designers, as they tinker with manufacture and looks to create a whole new category of heating solutions. But how might you go about spotting these designer radiators?

Well, here are three things to look out for to start with.

Functional Flexibility

Something of a curveball to begin with, but it does tie in with the above. Top-class design is all about intelligent balancing of competing demands, and as such with radiators you should be looking for units that display this. Perhaps the best example is dual fuel radiators, which allow you to save energy by choosing between standard and electric power.

Great Finishes

Now we finally get on to aesthetics! Exciting new finishes separate your designer radiators from the pack, and tend to be those you wouldn’t have expected before. A good example is anthracite, a deliciously modish grey that works as either a counterpoint to lighter bathroom suites or as a demure accompaniment to contemporary styles.

Eye-Catching Shapes

Tall radiators are definitely the one here. Now, I’m not saying horizontal radiators cannot look cool, modern and designer, it’s just – for me – they struggle to accomplish that look with as much ease as vertical radiators. It might well be because designer indicates up to date, cutting edge, and as such the relatively unorthodox situation of vertical radiators, upright, automatically lends them credence in this direction.