Modern Radiator Inspiration

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I’m well aware that there are vast open spaces of the internet dedicated to design inspiration but, as in other things in life, sometimes too much choice can be as bad – or worse – as none at all. I know from personal experience, as I have had to come up with someone ‘fresh and edgy’ (my wife’s brief) for our dining area and bathroom.

I decided to turn that onerous task, which was successfully concluded, into something of use for the good readers of this blog, and as such present below two of the models we went with.

This was our choice for the dining/kitchen area. We wanted something unobtrusive, elegant and modern, and this definitely fitted the bill. We also have black marble worktops in our kitchen, as well as atop our island, so we wanted the kind of designer radiators that would follow this dark counterpointing. In a purely boyish way, I really liked the shield shape, it looking like something a modish Roman general or cool Native American chieftain might have sheltered behind! I know, I’m childish…

It is fairly slimline, and thus minimalistic, but luckily our dining area is quite enclosed and small so the BTU rating wasn’t sky-high.

This unit, in a smaller size, was teamed with an electric towel rail in my bathroom. I have to admit, I was drawn to this purely on looks to begin with, mainly because it seemed redolent of the cover of one of my favourite albums, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. That record sleeve has a rendering of sound waves from a star on it, and was designed by Peter Savile. I loved the uniqueness of the wavy columns on this unit, which sets it apart from most other vertical radiators. The chrome finish compliments the rest of our fittings and contemporary design – frameless shower enclosures, freestanding bath etc. – so we were very happy with it.