Take Pride in your Taps

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Ask a number of people – men and women alike – whether they care about the design and aesthetic of their homes and most will answer you with an emphatic ‘yes’. More often than not, they will accompany it with a strange look as well. Rightly or wrongly, the style and look of our homes says a lot about who we are.

How many of you can remember growing up in a house where every time there was the merest whiff of a visitor coming round, your mum would rush around straightening the pictures on the wall and making sure the ornaments looked even brighter and shinier than usual?

Guys, put your hand up if every time you walk past a shop displaying the newest 60-inch flat screen TV you take just a moment to imagine just how glorious it would look hung on the living room wall, your mates looking on with an expression of both awe and envy?

This doesn’t stop at the lounge, either. Pride in the home extends to every room in the house and bathrooms and kitchens are no exception. People will wax lyrical about their new walk in shower they just had installed or how beautiful their range cooker looks now it’s framed by the polished black marble work surface that was just fitted.

One home staple you don’t hear people boasting about all too often, however, are taps.

Despite not being quite as glamorous as the big ticket items, there are a whole range of stylish and functional bathroom taps out there that can add a sense of charm and sophistication to the room as a whole such as elegant freestanding designs to the more unconventional waterfall styles.

The same can be said for kitchen taps, which come in a number of sleek and classy designs, from the more traditional separate hot and cold taps with a swivel spout to pull out spray styles for added flexibility.

You probably won’t hear anyone bragging about their taps anytime soon, but there’s more variety out there than you might think.