How to Find the Best Custom Home Builder

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Building a new custom home is the largest investment a person could make in their lifetime so it is very important to do it right the first time. Choosing the best custom home builder is essential for a successful investment. You will be working with the builder for six to twelve months so having good communication and trust with this builder is very important. A good custom home builder represents the homeowner and is head of the design team. Their job is to help establish a realistic budget for the project, to monitor the cost and design progress and manage imperative decisions.

The best custom home builder isn’t necessarily the biggest name in the business. The best should have plenty of time, communication, financial resources, interest, organizational skills and experience. When choosing a custom home builder, you should research the following things:

  1. An up to date resume of projects
  2. A record of projects similar to yours
  3. Communication skills
  4. Organization skills
  5. Client references
  6. Time management skills
  7. Workflow description and understanding
  8. If they specialize in custom home building

After researching the previous factors, it is best to narrow your search to three builders to interview. It is important to not only pay attention to the builder achievements but to ask plenty of questions. Some questions to ask would be:

  1. How are you compensated for your work?
  2. How do you service your warranty once construction is complete?
  3. How long do think this project will take?
  4. What process do you take to communicate unforeseen changes in cost?
  5. Are you comfortable building the style and quality of home that we expect?
  6. How are you compensated for your pre construction work?
  7. Who will supervise the construction of my home and how often will my project be under direct supervision?
  8. What methods will you use to determine the exact cost of my home?

References should not only be with the builder’s customers, it is important to research their credentials and standings with the Better Business Bureau and State Contractors Board. Ask them if they have held or hold licenses in any other states and if they do, research their standings in those states as well. If there has been a claim against the builder, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad. Find out what the reason for the claim was and figure out if that is something you are okay with. Choosing the right custom home builder for your project may be difficult but you are about you make the biggest purchase of your life and need to be confident with your decision. The more research you do and understanding you have will help you to enjoy the experience of anticipating your new home all the more.