Increase Security with Turnstiles for Your Company

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Depending on where you live, you might come across turnstiles every day. Often used in government buildings, the products increase security and keep visitors from coming and going whenever they want. Take a look at how you can use these designs in your business and the different types now available before placing an order.

What are Turnstiles?

A turnstile is a large metal object that consists of one rotating piece and one fixed piece. When you walk through the front, you press against the rotating piece, which causes it to mix in a circular fashion. You can exit through one side into the building or the opposite side to leave the building. The fixed piece keeps individuals from leaving the turnstile. The turnstiles also lock in place to prevent others from gaining access to the building when it’s closed.

Types of Turnstiles

Security turnstiles come in several different designs. If you own an elegant hotel or a building with a lobby, you might choose one that looks like a revolving door. Glass and metal plates add a decorative and functional touch to the design. Some business owners opt for turnstiles that also function as metal detectors, which lets them know if someone entering the building has any type of metal on their person. You’ll also find ADA accessible gates that let those with disabilities enter the building. Check with the manufacturers of these turnstiles to find one that works with the style of your building and offers protection as well.