Hay Baler Belt Maintenance

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One of the most important pieces of farm machinery is the baler. This helps farmers feed their livestock all year long. Hay producers count on their equipment to make tightly packed rectangle or round bales for easy storage in the barn. Balers are also used for straw baling. Properly maintaining this equipment is a must due to safety risks with malfunctioning equipment.

Repairing Worn Belts

Over time the belts inside a baler begin to warp, thin or even fray at the edges. One of the good things about these belts is that most can be repaired in lieu of a replacement to finish out the day. Lacing kits are made for these belts. It is a good idea to learn more about how lacing kits help put life back into wearing belts. These kits are easy to use and should be kept on-hand at all times on the farm.

Lubricating Moving Parts

It is a vital step of equipment preparation and maintenance to lubricate moving parts and gears on the baler. Improper lubrication leads to metal-on-metal friction and grinding. This can spark a fire within the baler or cause parts to literally fly off of the machine. These parts can also break, fall off or become imbedded in the hay.

Baler maintenance is rather simple. It is always wise to test the baler before every use with a dry run. This gives farmers the time to listen for inaccuracies and spot problems ahead of time. Some parts breaking while in use is likely to happen without warning, as with any piece of working equipment.