Living Room for Disabled Person

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An accident can leave a person physically challenged to move around. The living room should be modified so that the affected person can move around at ease. Changes in the furniture are necessary. Less furniture will create more space for the wheel chair or crutches used.

There is furniture that is adjustable that is ideal for the living room. The light switches and the door handles have to be installed at the height that the person can reach. Hand grabs will help the person get up after being seated. Railing around the room will help the person move slowly in the room. A physically challenged person can be independent with a little help in the décor. The bedroom should be located close to the living room preferable on the ground floor.

If the only available home has rooms upstairs, railing should be installed along the staircase, which should be wide; for ease of movement. An elevator can be installed to assist the person. The living room should have wide doors and access to the emergency exit. Carpeted floors are ideal, as they can cushion a person from hurt if they fall. Rugs used on the floors should be of heavy material that does not loop up, causing accidents. If the person who had the accident, has a pet that is high-spirited, help may be required to train it; so that it does not trip him or her causing more harm. A scooter can assist the physically challenged move about in the living room.