Buying a Steam Generator for Your Sauna

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The steam of a sauna is its single most important feature. Without steam, it’s just a warm room where people will be looking uncomfortably at one another! Here are four ways to prevent awkward social encounters by purchasing a top-notch steam generator.

1. Think About Temperature Controls

First things first: Who controls the thermostat? Will it be you, the customers or someone above both of you? In any case, you’ll want a steam generator with adjustable temperature controls and memory technology.

2. Choose Your Lights

Some saunas prefer to keep things dim. Others use a variety of LED lights for chromotherapy. If you’re considering the latter, you should look into white, blue and red lights.

3. Don’t Forget Drainage

The steam has to go somewhere when the day is done. Click here to learn more about the drainage systems of steam generators. Not all businesses need the same kinds, so it’s important to buy a product that’s right for you.

4. Ask About Warranties

What if something goes wrong with your generator? What if your water filters clog or your steam head starts hissing? Will you be able to return it? Never buy anything without some kind of insurance policy in place.

These are just a few tips for buying a steam generator for your sauna. Whether you’re outfitting a professional health club or just a steam room on your property, these guidelines should be enough to get you warm and relaxed in no time.