How Not To Get Ripped Off By Roofers

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Here is a simple scenario. Your roof got damaged or needs to be replaced. Being the good homemaker you are, you contact a random roofer to do the fixing. In the end, the roof was not made, you got conned, and you are raging mad. It may sound a bit funny, but hundreds of people have suffered from this. If you want to avoid it, here are simple tips to follow.

Do Not Settle For “Just Anyone”

Having your roof replaced or repaired is a serious business. It involves money on your part, time, and of course patience. Because the safety and security of your family is involved, it is advisable to go for not just another company that does roofing. The contractors need to be licensed, show previous work experience, and most of all, recommended by people.

To ensure that they have all these, ask around the neighborhood or better yet, ask the roofers up front. If they are legit, they will show you a copy of the paper works as soon as you nicely question them. Be wary of excuses or not having a physical address to go to. Chances are, they are fly-by-night dealers who are all set to con you.

Replace or Repair

In some cases, even if the roofers are licensed, they will still find a way to trick you from your money. Most often than not, this happens when repairing the roof. Some will insist that you replace the whole system instead, costing a lot of cash than the original intended price. To prevent this, learn how to tell if you need a new roof or not.

Payment Method

This focuses mainly on whether you should pay upfront or not. Keep in mind that most reputable companies ask you to sign a contract and do some of the work first before even hinting for a down payment. If the person you are in contact with is demanding for full payment, or even half of what was agreed on, then you need to be cautious about it, unless of course the roofing materials need to be bought.

As the world is full of people who are ready to trick your family, you have to be on your toes all the time. To prevent being one of the statistics who got fooled, be wise about every transaction you make.