A Comprehensive Study Of Power Surges

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Power surges are a huge menace when it comes to electrical appliances. They are literally the boogie man in the electrical world. A power surge can destroy and damage even the best and most expensive electrical appliance within seconds. So what exactly is a power surge? A power surge also known as a power spike is a sudden rise in voltage or power. Power surges normally last for a very brief moment. They could even last a millionth of a second. They are among the top four types of power disturbances, the others being voltage dips, electromagnetic interferences and radio frequency interferences. They are however considered the most destructive of these four disturbances.

Power surges differ in magnitude as well as in the duration. Some surges even go into thousands of volts. Power surges have different origins too. It may be an internal origin or an external origin. The internal surges are normally brought about when other are switched on and off. These are small in magnitude. The external cause ones are normally of larger magnitudes and are caused by lightning or the power company. The lightning caused surges normally have large magnitudes. Power surges have been known to damage electrical appliances within seconds while the smaller ones damage appliances slowly but surely.

You can protect your electrical appliances against power surges. One of the best ways to do this would be to use power surge protectors. Another way of protecting your appliances from surges would be to protect both the electricity supply from outside as well as phone cables and television cables.