Creative Ways to Attract Your Customers

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The design of a merchant’s retail space can greatly affect their degree of success. One wants to give customers an immersive shopping experience with eye catching window displays, signage, and attention to details. The goal is to get people inside, browsing, and ultimately purchasing the products being offered.

The Threshold

This is the first area the customer sees. Their first impression tells them hwe expensive or cheap the store is. This judgement is made depending upon the fixtures, lighting, colors, and displays.

The majority of shoppers in North America will turn to the right as they enter. This is where one places their power wall. Shelves, glass cases, and wall-mount brackets should display the retailer’s seasonal items and high demand products.

Walking Path

Using a well-designed walking path will control traffic flow and entice customers to wander throughout the store. A circular path is the most common type being used. A good path leads customers to the back of the store and then returns them to the front. It should be where the attention getting displays are placed.

Attention to Details

Strategically placed displays can be used as “speed bumps” throughout the store. Impulse items can be put here, and the display itself can be located in the middle of the main path. This either stops the customers in their path or at least slows them down as they walk around it.

In clothing boutiques the merchant needs to provide a comfortable and flattering dressing room. A full length mirror that offers front, side, and back views is essential. Lighting should be bright and flattering. A chair or bench for seating will add to the consumer’s comfort. Dressing room hooks found at home improvement stores and at online shops like Fixture Express allow a place for clothing to be hung while changing, and it keeps the area neat and tidy.

By using carefully thought out attention to their retail space, merchants can increase traffic flow and sales. Customers will be able to enjoy an immersive experience while shopping that incorporates the above mentioned details.