Five Reasons to Move to Colorado Other Than Marijuana

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Being able to legally smoke marijuana is certainly on the list of high points for moving to Colorado, but there are also plenty of other reasons to consider a move. Here are other legal activities that make it worth moving to the Centennial State.

Winter Wonderland

A bowl you may not have considered is the one that comes with the mountain. Colorado’s back bowls are a major draw for skiers and boarders alike. In addition, the snowy peaks offer fantastic views during snowshoeing treks and sledding. Feel like living on the edge? Make your way to the top of a ledge with an ice climb.

Camping, Rafting and Tubing, Oh, My!

Colorado’s summers are ideal for sitting around a campfire in the evening on a camping excursion to any of its extensive BLM property. Then, when the sun comes up and temperatures rise, cool off with a wild ride down the rapids through stunning canyons. If you’d rather take a less adventurous route, settle into a tube for a lazy meandering down a calmer stretch of local waters.

Hiking the Hills

No matter where you live in the state, there is a good chance you will be in close proximity to a plethora of hiking trails. Whether an amateur with a preference for flat and winding, or highly skilled and preferring steep inclines, you can get in a hike that will likely offer stunning views along the way.

Sports Fanatics

If you prefer to watch others do the heavy lifting while you stick to lifting 16 ouncers, you will have no problem finding an outlet. Colorado boasts an array of professional and semi-professional teams across the sporting gamut. Broncos, Rockies, Mammoth, Nuggets and Rapids are just a few of the teams to offer you a sports fix. Even golfers are moving in with increasing numbers.

Hot Springs Haven

You’ll find plenty of haze with the steam coming off the water’s surface at one of Colorado’s many hot springs. Ouray offers outdoor springs of varying temperatures, as does the scenic Cottonwood Springs near Buena Vista. Prefer to fog up the windows from the inside? Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs offers a mineral pool that is enclosed in an opaque structure, which lets in natural light during daylight hours. Step into the cavernous pools in the basement for a more natural experience.

The legalization of recreational use of marijuana has certainly brought a lot of attention to Colorado. However, it is just a small part of the overall wonder that is the Centennial State. Check out all that Colorado has to offer and you’ll find more than one reason to get a Mile High.