Decorative Ways to Reclaim Your Nest

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There’s a lot of references made to a lifestyle change that is known as empty nest syndrome. There’s no debating that when the kids move out the atmosphere within your home will change. However, this transitional time should be thought of as a positive period for you and your children. Instead of focusing on the emptiness left when your kids move out, turn your attention to the exciting opportunity that you now have to reclaim or re-feather your nest. Now’s the time to create some of those amazing spaces that you’ve been dreaming of for a very long time.

A dining room transformation

Now would be a great time to replace a well-worn dining table and chairs with more sophisticated dining room furniture. Now that your dining room table won’t be used as a multi-purpose space, you can create an elegant dining space that you will be proud to invite friends into. You can remove the outdated lighting and add a more trendy style of lighting that will beautifully complete the transformation.

Empty bedrooms

While your kids may return home for short visits, their bedroom shouldn’t simply exist as an empty space between their visits. You might want to update one bedroom and designate it as a guest bedroom. Your children could use that room when they return for overnight stays. If you have other empty bedrooms, you can give them new purpose such as creating the ultimate office space, personal library or craft room.

Seeing the beautiful transformation of these rooms might inspire you to redecorate your bedroom. The creation of a quiet area for relaxing and reading is a popular trend in master bedroom design. If you find it difficult to mentally relax, you might want to include a soothing wall mural here to give you something tranquil to focus on. A comfortable chair facing a mural that encourages you to allow your mind to drift to another realm is an ideal way to train your brain to relax. As you redecorate, don’t overlook the stunning impact an artistically attractive wall has on any area of your home.

You and your children have reached a new phase of life whenever they move out. This is your chance to decorate your home in a more elegant and sophisticated manner or to create spaces the nurture your spirit during this transitional phase.