5 Practical Reasons to Invest in Alarms for the Business

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Alarms do more than just deter criminals or inform authorities when someone has broken into a facility. In essence, alarms are a cost-saving alternative to suffering great losses from a break-in. While alarm monitoring can help protect assets, some of the savings can come in the form of other non-crime-related applications.

Accidental Damages

Monitoring companies don’t merely focus on protecting against criminal intent. Fires, medical emergencies and employee protection may also part of the services covering the facility. This can reduce the risks to everyone on-site while making sure complications are dealt with in a timely manner.

Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies will reduce premiums if there is some kind of a security system in place. Depending on the provider, this savings may offset a large portion of the expenses for keeping the facility safe. A lot of the times, these are called “preventative measures” by the insurance provider. In the eyes of the insurer, any system that’s in place to reduce the chances of filing a claim due to losses is a beneficial addition.

Off-site Video Monitoring

Some systems feature cameras that operate through Internet connections. This gives you the ability to watch the facility from anywhere you have online access. Whether you’re keeping an eye on employees or making sure that certain tasks are completed, remote access to video can help you stay informed of what’s going on in your establishment.

Replacement Costs

Insurance premiums may not cover all items located within a business. Security systems can help recover lost equipment or stop others from taking things altogether. This can save on replacement costs for those items and the time lost from not having the right equipment to perform tasks.

Mobile Integration

Security technology today gives the property owner far more control and capabilities than systems of the past. From your smartphone, you can control a wide variety of things from power timers to the locking mechanisms themselves. The user-friendly interface makes governing over your company easy to manage while giving it protection from a myriad of situations.

If there is anything of value within any given location, it’s always best to have a security system in place. For the most part, merely displaying the monitoring company’s logo is enough to cause criminals to think twice before attempting a break in. It’s an investment that can help reduce costs while keeping company assets where they belong.