Go Green This Year By Switching Utilities

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There has been a lot of presidential campaign talk about how the United States needs to increase the amount of solar and wind power in our country. One candidate has even gone so far as to pledge that one-third of the country’s energy needs will come from renewable energy by the end of their first term in office.

So going green is a trend that will continue to grow around us. If you live in Texas and would like to start using energy that conserves resources, here are some options:

A solar installation: The past few years have seen an increase in the number of homes taking advantage of the fact that solar panels have come down in price and gone up in efficiency. One of the nice things about adding solar panels to your home is that there are federal and state tax incentives that help defray the cost of purchasing and installing them. Today’s technology also allows you to add batteries that can hold the solar output created during the day for use at night, something that wasn’t possible until recently.

Change utilities: Texas has a rules and regulations in place that allow most utility customers to choose the energy provider that they want to. The freedom to shop electricity rates and offerings allows most consumers to discover that there are utilities present within the Texas grid that derive the majority of their power for sale from renewable energy sources. By visiting the CompareTexasenergyproviders.com website, you can find a variety of different providers and obtain advice on finding a utility that meets your requirements. Alternatively, you can contact the Texas Public Utility Commission in order to find out who is providing utility service in your area.

When you change your utility, the process will be seamless and you will not notice anything different except the bill will come from someone else.

Add wind power: If you have acreage in Texas as many homeowners do, you can also look into adding windmills that allow you to take advantage of the latest technology in that field. Wind power has come a long way over the past two decades and Japan is currently using it to offset their reliance on nuclear power. The primary advantage of adding wind power to your ranch is that it generates power day and night, allowing you to keep a steady rate of power generation going at all hours.