Zebra Print Cowhide Rugs Exotic Style & Luxury

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Natural animal skin rugs can be a striking addition to any room of the home, and there are numerous types of animal skin that you may be thinking about adding to your space. Cow hide is a popular option due to the incredible benefits that it provides, but many people are drawn to the more exotic look of zebra hide. Zebra is viewed as being more luxurious and elite than cow, and many people love the added element of black and white stripes on a zebra hide. If you are torn between these two options, the good news is that you can enjoy the best of both options when you select a zebra print cowhide rug for your space.

The Benefits of Cow and Zebra Combined

Cow hide is a popular choice for animal skin rugs because it is soft to the touch yet very hard-wearing. It can easily be placed on even the most heavily-trafficked floors of your home and hold up well to the regular use it would receive. More than that, it is easy to care for and has hypo-allergenic properties that make it suited for homes with allergy-sufferers. With zebra cowhide rugs, a natural cowhide is imprinted with very realistic zebra print, and the result is that you cannot tell that the rug on the floor is not actual zebra hide. You can enjoy the exotic allure of zebra with all of the benefits associated with cowhide.

A Unique Variation of Zebra Print Cowhide Rugs

Zebra print cowhide rugs are a popular option that appeals to many, but you can also make an even bolder and more dramatic statement by incorporating a metallic zebra print cowhide rug into your space. These have all of the benefits of the zebra cowhide rugs with the added shimmer of sparkle and shine. They will make your floor stand out and get noticed, and the reflection of light off of the metallic sheen can have a dazzling effect. With their unique appearance, you may also want to place these metallic rugs as a throw over an armchair or even cover a large space of your wall with one. The shimmering metallic hue can be in your choice of silver or gold hues, and each will have an incredible look.

If you have not considered a zebra hide in the past or if you have had concerns about incorporating a natural zebra hide into your space, now is a great time to take a closer look at zebra print cowhide rugs. When selecting a printed cowhide rug for your home, bear in mind that the quality of the cowhide as well as the quality of the printing on the rug will both impact the overall durability and longevity of the piece in your home. With this in mind, it is important that you make a thoughtful decision that is based as much on style as it is on quality.