Horse Trailer Safety is Essential

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The horse industry offers many activities for equine lovers around the world, but the interest of most riding enthusiasts centers around pleasure riding on the trail. To a lesser degree, dedicated equestrians focus their horse related activities on showing their horse at open, breed, dressage or cross-country events. Whatever their interest, horse owners often find themselves trailering their valuable horses distances ranging from several miles to halfway across the country. The value of these animals may vary from a few hundred dollars upward into the thousands, but no horse owner wants to take a chance that their horse may suffer an injury because their trailer is not completely safe.

Pre-season safety checks are necessary before loading up and heading out for an event or pleasure ride. A faulty coupler could mean the trailer disconnects from the truck hitch while in transit, and this type of accident can easily mean death for the horses inside. Other essential operating systems include signal lights, tires and braking systems. In addition to properly operating safety equipment, the owner wants to make sure their horse is comfortable during the trip. Rubber stall mats and window nets to prevent insects or debris from flying into the horse’s eyes provide an extra measure of safety, and a water caddy conveniently hauls water from home which most horses prefer.

A well-equipped horse trailer will not only meet the needs of its occupants, but the rider also requires the proper type of storage for their tack and horse care items. A convenient visit to vehicle and trailer supply online stores such as makes updating and maintaining a horse trailer of any size fast and easy, and possibly less expensive than shopping at local stores.

Although most equestrians do not own a horse that is extremely valuable, the one they do own is worth a lot to them. They have likely invested a good amount of time and effort into training the animal to meet their needs, and most riders think of their horse as a trusted friend. They want any trailer they use to transport their horse to be completely safe so they can relax and enjoy the ride.