Subtle Promotion At The Desk

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Many people have the type of job wherein clients go to their desk to inquire. Case in point is the information booth. It can also be a bank teller position. Because it is not a back office work, and customers are sure to see your desk, you have to ensure that the space is presentable and a representation of the company. Sadly, you cannot display personal belongings and interest there as often as employees that has “hidden” workstations. However, the location of your desk can be used for subtle promotion.

Because people will most likely observe the surroundings, they will take interest in what you have on your desk. It can be out of sheer boredom or because they want to know about the employee. Either way, having items with the company logo will help boost your credentials. Pens are the most common when it comes to this. Because it can be borrowed by the client, it is a perfect way to promote. Mugs and tumblers are also good promotional devices. Though they sit idly on the corner of the desk, they still do their advertising jobs. Aside from the two, letter openers are subtle way to showcase your business logo, especially when it has unique color because it attracts attention. That being said, get your pink letter opener at

As you can see, simple items like these can really boost the image of the company. Whether you are the one manning the front desk, or the boss under the scene, it is advisable to go for products that will not only do its purpose, but display your name too. It is a subtle but good way to promote without spending too much budget.