Marking Exits for Safety and for Crowd Control

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Federal law requires that business owners clearly mark the exits for visitors and employees. If people cannot find exits in your building, they could become disoriented and risk being injured during an emergency like a fire. When you are in charge of buying supplies like fluorescent sign ballasts and light bulbs, you may wonder where you can find the widest range of sizes and models available. Instead of shopping at discount stores or local home improvement stores, you can find a wider array for sale online.

You might want to keep things simple by choosing a sign that clearly says “EXIT.” Many people are familiar with this sign and look for it when they want to find a quick way to get out of a building. The red lettering cue the people to where the exit is located, even if they are not native speakers of English. The signs are often large in size and brightly lit, making them a wise investment for many business owners.

You also may prefer a dual set of lights balanced on one setting. The two lights act as flood lighting to show people the way to the door. People can see the two lights and know that the door will take them to the outside.

Of course, you may need to keep your shopping on budget. Business owners who are operating on a tighter budget might only have a small amount of money to spend on these lights. You can find lights that are reasonably priced so that you can get the safety lighting that you want and is required by law without breaking your budget.

You also have the option of buying more expensive lights or even light sets. The sets come in a wide array of prices so that you can find even fancier designs if you prefer. You can filter your search online to consider the more modest priced ones first or the more expensive ones first, whichever you prefer. Along with emergency lighting, you can also find lights for other purposes. You can also find accessories, bulbs, and sockets for making repairs or upgrades around your business. The online shopping cart helps you keep track of your purchases. You can adjust it before you checkout. The website also provides contact options in case you have questions or concerns about the lights and accessories.